Several lubrication methods for different bearings engine lubricants and additives

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Oil storage tank seepage method: This is an usual lubrication approach, particularly appropriate for reduced to medium-speed operating settings. The self-aligning ball bearing is partially submersed in lubricating oil. When the component turns, the lubricating oil is grabbed and then flows back right into the oil sump. The oil level need to be a little lower than the center of all-time low of the round to guarantee optimum lubrication.

Oil dripping approach: For bearing parts that call for specific quantities of lubricating oil, the oil dripping technique is a good choice. The frequency of oil leaking is normally managed to one drop every 3 to 8 seconds. Excessive lubricating oil might cause the bearing temperature level to climb.

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Blood circulation approach: This method uses an oil pump to transport filtered lubricating oil to the bearing elements. The lubricating oil, after passing through the bearing, is filteringed system and cooled prior to reuse. Given that flowing oil can successfully get rid of heat, this technique is especially suitable for high-speed bearing parts.

Spray method: Mix dry compressed air and lubricating oil with a sprayer to develop an oil haze and spray it onto the bearing. This technique can not only properly lower the bearing temperature level yet likewise stop the breach of impurities. It is specifically suitable for bearing lubrication in high-speed and high-temperature environments.

Shot approach: Utilize an oil pump to infuse high-pressure lubricating oil straight onto the bearing via a nozzle, and then the lubricating oil flows right into the oil groove from the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at broadband, the high-speed rotation of its moving components and cage will generate air movement. This technique can successfully use this air flow for lubrication.


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